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Away Travel: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Style and Comfort


Are you searching for a dependable and jazzy sidekick that will keep your effects protected and coordinated? Look no farther than Away Travel! Away Travel is a gear and travel embellishments brand inseparable from top-notch items, imaginative plans, and extraordinary client support. Whether you’re going for business or joy, Away Travel has everything you want to make your excursion more agreeable and pleasant.

The Story of Away Travel

Away Travel was established in 2015 by Stephanie Korey and Jen Rubio, two previous chiefs at the eyewear organization Warby Parker. The thought for the organization was conceived from a baffling travel experience the two had while voyaging together. They understood that there was a requirement for a movement brand that offered excellent items at a reasonable price tag. Away Travel was sent off with a solitary thing, a portable bag that immediately became successful. Today, the organization offers many baggage and travel embellishments, including bags, knapsacks, handbags, and travel coordinators.

Away Travel Products

Away Travel offers different items intended to address the issues of every voyager. Their item is their baggage line, which remembers convey, medium, and huge bags in various varieties and completions. The bags are planned with sturdy polycarbonate shells, 360-degree spinner wheels, and TSA-supported locks for added security. They likewise include an exceptional pressure framework that permits you to pack all the more effectively and keep your possessions coordinated.

Notwithstanding gear, Away Travel offers a scope of movement embellishments, including knapsacks, handbags, and travel coordinators. Their knapsacks and bags are planned with a smooth and moderate stylish, making them ideal for both business and recreation travel. The movement coordinators are intended to keep your assets coordinated and effectively open, with compartments for your visa, telephone, and different basics. Get More Info

Away Travel and Sustainability

As well as offering excellent items, Away Travel is focused on maintainability and social obligation. They have carried out various drives to lessen their natural effect, remembering involving reused materials for their items and bundling, offering a lifetime guarantee on their items to diminish squandering, and collaborating with associations like Harmony Direct to help social causes.

How Away Travel Differentiates Itself from Competitors

Away Travel has, in short order, become one of the most well-known gear and travel embellishment brands on the lookout. One justification for its prosperity is the organization’s remarkable way of dealing with item plans and client support. Away Travel centers around making slick and valuable items with highlights that make Travel simpler and more agreeable. The organization likewise puts areas of strength on client support, offering a lifetime guarantee on its articles and a 100-day time for testing. This obligation to quality and consumer loyalty has assisted Away Travel with standing apart from its rivals.

Away Travel’s Impact on the Travel Industry

Since its send-off in 2015, Away’s Travel altogether affected the movement business. The organization’s imaginative item plan and obligation to maintainability and social responsibility have motivated different brands to follow accordingly. Away’s Travel has also significantly impacted how individuals ponder gear and travel embellishments, making them a fundamental part of the movement experience. Likewise, the organization has turned into a social peculiarity, with a loyal following of fans who love its items and brand ethos.

How Away Travel Has Adapted to Changing Travel Trends

The movement business has undergone tremendous changes lately, with recent fads and difficulties arising. Away’s Travel has rushed to adjust to these changes, delivering new items that take special care of the developing necessities of voyagers. For instance, the organization has presented rucksacks and handbags for business and relaxation. Travel coordinators assist with keeping effects protected and coordinated. Away’s Travel has additionally embraced the developing pattern of practical Travel, integrating reused materials into its items and bundling and joining forces with associations that help social causes. Homepage


Who owns Away Travel?

Away’s Travel was founded by Stephanie Korey and Jen Rubio in 2015.

Is Away Better than Monos?

Away and Monos offer high-quality luggage and travel accessories, but which is better depends on your needs and preferences. Away is known for its innovative design and excellent customer service, while Monos is known for its sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

Is Away a US company?

Yes, Away ‘sTravel is a US-based company headquartered in New York City.

What is the valuation of Away’s Travel?

As of 2021, Away’s Travel is valued at approximately $1.4 billion.

Away Travel Table

Carry-On SuitcaseDurable polycarbonate shell, 360-degree spinner wheels, TSA-approved lock, compression system
BackpackSleek and minimalist design, padded laptop compartment, multiple pockets and compartments
Tote BagMade from recycled materials, roomy interior, detachable shoulder strap
Travel OrganizerMultiple compartments for passport, phone, and other essentials, RFID-blocking technology

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